Adelaide Schwartz, PCV
B.P. 252 Banfora
Burkina Faso

note: to ensure mail gets to me and not some shady Burkinabe, write the above address in red ink along with a psalm or biblical reference that scares the superstitious. Also, be sure to label things “educational material”


Adelaide Schwartz, PCV
S/c Bobo Regional Office
Corps de la Paix
BP 1065
Burkina Faso

I’ve received several emails here from great friends (that no doubt have already earned permanent spots on my future holiday greeting card list) asking what they can send me. And yes, I know I signed up to ruff it, but ruffing it is so much easier when you have help every now and then…..

So here goes…..the necessary, silly, and a tad ridiculous that make me smile over here:

Tegen enjoys her American dog toy
  • Food that only requires the basics (like eggs, water, oil, a few spices…) Some past winners: curry packets, soup packets, hummus
  • Candy  and snack-ums (bonbons are the gold standard over here and the kids are forever thankful for ANYTHING sweet, though I am likely to horde any gummie, wasabi or spicy covered stuff)
  • Water additives (crystal light, emergen-c)
  • Condiment packets (any cheese like parmesan or baybel, pepper, mustard, hot sauce, spices in general….)
  • Trashy mags or good books
  • Pet things (treats, toys, flea treatments….domestic pet market does not exist here)
  • Wet-wipes
  • Funny band-aids
  • French children’s books (for kids…and me)
  • American toothpaste, qtips, DEODERANT (trust me, the stuff here doesn’t cut it), sunblock, nice lotion
  • Any new DVDs or music
  • ….any pictures/updates from you!!!!

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