Yep. I did it. I joined the underground nerd brigade known as bloggers. So be it. I also was invited to join this cool kids club known as Peace Corps and spend two years working as an SED Small Enterprise Development/ Agribusiness volunteer in Burkina Faso. This blog is much like an experiment to see if those two deeds balance themselves out in an entertaining way like the yin and yang of a Punky Brewster episode ergo you guys learn from this crazy kid in odd situations yet there is this poetic undertone of good deeds and lessons learned . Let’s hope; those pig tails were great. Here goes. Commence my attempt to mass communicate crazy adventures and a myriad of lost in translation moments. Moteur…

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.


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21 10 2008

Enoughs enough already, find internet and let us know how you are! i miss you adelaide and am soo anxious to hear from you. im learning about burkina faso at columbia, while you’re there rockin it. cant wait to join forces and liberate some women woohooo love you, hope all is well so far!!!!!!!!

27 08 2009
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[…] weeks – start March 26, fly down from Rome Burkina Faso – 1.5 weeks – start April 15, good friend (Adelaide Schwartz) is doing Peace Corps there, so we’ll be living in her hut w/ no electricity or water, should […]

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