Solenzo Formation

20 09 2009

This past week, I ventured to Solenzo to visit another volunteer’s post in the southwest. I arrived back in Burkina the 14th after seeing my family at a half-way destination (europe) for the first time in a year. That’s officially the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them and so I was really excited to be able to see some friends, ease back into french, and get inspired for my village return via the excuse of a formation.

The formation was a great success!

The morning started off with a tie-dye formation led by the women of solenzo affiliated with the maison des femmes. The women have a good range of patterns and use high-quality bazin. They typically sell these pagnes at the bobo marche for around $5. This initial price and clientele for these are a bit sophisticated for my village but it was really fun and definitely gave me a sense of nostalgia for old summer camp days (although to be quite honest, my camp didn’t offer tie-dye; just charm. We bought the tie-dye)

Mid-morning was another demonstration from PCV Kat on soap making. Yes, she used lye and yes, it was hott.

The afternoon was dedicated to arts and crafts where two other PCVs–Takeledougou’s Amanda and home-town Abby– showed off some cool earrings do-able on a village level for very cheap (and profitable) and recycled sache bags that not only save the environment but also would not look out of place at a trendy bar.

Later that afternoon, we made our way over to the Solenzo radio station where we made an official “we are the peace corps and when we’re in solenzo, we listen to xxxx local station,” promo. Yea, I’ve arrived!!! Kat also laid down one of her own flute pieces.

Overall, Solenzo was very cool. Here are some other pictures that may fill in some questions:

In other news:
My puppy had puppies so I’ll have my hands full coming back and resuming all my projects now that rainy season is ending and there are school clubs/ new library programming to focus on. Will update with photos as soon as I see them!




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