17 03 2009
Traditional Animistic masks begin their marche to the grave site

Traditional Animistic masks begin their march to the grave site

The following pictures were taken in Niankorodougou during a funeral to honor an older woman that passed away recently. Her family is affiliated with the cotton industry in my area. A common proverb in Burkina Faso claims  that people here are “50%  Muslim, 50%  Christian, and 100%  Animist.” This funeral was one of my first introductions to Animism and the way people in my vilalge worship. It was a definate eye-opener,  complete with a masked-dancing troupe that I couldn’t help but admire and quickly photo document.  One of my first “hello real africa moments,”.  The funeral lasted an entire weekend and was complete with services, a bike contest, night lights!, and venders galore from neighboring villages.




For those of your wondering…and should be rewarded for scrolling through all these pictures- my first introduction to village animism was being told to not go in “the haunted forest,”  a small wooded area next to a  metal welder’s shop and Nianko’s water tower.




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