Pics de Sindou

1 02 2009

A few weeks ago I finally went to the Sindou region (as in Sindou Peaks of the sw, one of Burkinas few tourist destinations) with a few friends. It was an amazing experience not only because I rode in a car with such modern luxuries as a/c and an itrip, but also because not only did I not kill myself…I actually liked it.


Though I still have no clue what a lug, or this or that lead is and much aid is due to the people I went with (Meredith, Paul, Brian), I can’t help but be a bit content with myself.  The best and worst part actually took place on my second climb. For a second I was stuck feeling like Mike Myers when he used to do the skit on SNL as the severely ADD kid tied to a pole. No matter how much spastic energy I attempted to exert, I was stuck. I have no earthly idea how I got out of it. Maybe the link between will overcame might but somehow I reached the top. Had no clue rock climbing was so hard and my hat goes off to people that do it as a hobby…crazies.

Me, Brian, Paul

L-R: Me, Brian, Paul




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