20 12 2008

I was able to get to language class early today (yea! Mini-triumphs). It was cut short because today is Tabaski and a bunch of us wanted to attend the city-wide prayer at the plaza. A few of us marched over there to see the circus that was all of Ouahgouya in a cubic km. I actually ran into Assimi and several of my host family’s children there. Assimi and his son had matching bou-bous in dark green that made me smile.

Call to prayer in Ouahigouya

After the festivities, I returned back to ecla for some good couch lounging because I wanted to get out of my host family’s hair for a while while they prepared (aka was hoping that I would miss the goad slaughtering). I timed it well, because just as I got back, they were watering the blood out of the dirt and there, low and behold, was the mutton hanging from the tree in the center of the courtyard. Yum. No skin, no left leg. Additionally, the tree chickens the Ouattara’s bought for Tabaski were also gone.  It reminded me of one too many hunting trips down to south texas or at the camp. I feel like I really bonded with the family because after playing with the kids all day, I was able to hold Assimi’s infant and after it peed on me, I was embraced and taken into his house for the first time! And wow….he has not only a tv, but also a dvd player.
Later in the night I played cards with Mohammad, the cute boy that had previously been sporting a matching boubou, only now in a suit.




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