A Typical Stage Weekend

19 12 2008

(Sat Dec 6) sessions started in Somyaga, the village that was once home to many of Burkina Faso’s prominent personalities whose names now grace their cemetery. First was a community meeting, later, a PCVF panel where many things such as getting by without electricity and why exactly the ET (early termination, code for I quit in pc) rate is so high in Burkina. After, Nikki and I went to the cyber post and then Camine (Ohiayagouya restaurant) where we met up with other volunteers and had brushettes and fries. Next was off to the marche where we picked up some bananas and then came back to my host family’s home to watch a movie on my computer. Kirsten, Nikki, and I all ended up watching Definately, Maybe and then It’s Always Sunny.
(Sun Dec 7) I woke up late and went to ecla where I finished She’s Come Undone. Went to marche and hung out with my host dad at his tailleur shop for a while. Met Abbi at ecla in an attempt to go out. Per usual, we both decided we were too lame to bike out to get a few beers and promptly returned home. Dinner was riz gras (rice, magi cube, chicken bits). I can barely tell its December because there are no Hershey kisses at my boutique’s checkout counter (or checkout counter for that matter).




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