10 11 2008

Disclaimer: In light of this post, I am open to constructive blog criticism.


I love bananas. I’m eating probably around 5 bananas a day, sometimes 2, but then sometimes 7.  It would really help me if someone looked into whether there are any types of problems associated with excessive amounts of potassium in the system. Surely, theres something…potassium. Sounds like it could clog arteries, especially considering the fact that it is one of the components of granite foundation….potatssium feldspar, right? I’m not making this up. Bananas are my main diet staple. I sound like such an islander. Tragically, Burkina is landlocked and to be honest, I think these bananas come from cote d’ivorie. Still, nothing stops me from hoping that Assimi, my host dad has brought back bananas for dinner…because then I get bananas for breakfast too! I had a conversation with my parents (real US ones) and they asked what my typical breakfast was. My response: banana,-peanut butter-baguette. Not bad, right. All I’m missing from my favorite teen and college snack is the ants…..(word of the wise: cucumbers are not suitable celery substitutes in the ant on a log formation). What’s the other word people associate with bananas? For some legal reasons, I have to leave some explicits out. Everythings “tentative,” but lets just say I could be on the road that brings me full circle with my favorite not-so-human beings: Jane Goodall and Michael Jackson. If you catch my drift, then leave a tentative name for my tentative pet! Georges and Bubbles need not apply. Also, while I’m rambling, I might mention that as far as food goes, I’m pretty convinced that New Orleans and Ouahiygouga are sister cities. Think it out, I don’t know if I’m stating the obvious, but for me personally, the concept took some digging. Value-added things like creole Tony’s Chacheries and powdered sugar aside, this place has the bayou beat down….black eyed peas (benga), fried beignets (gateau), and okra (gumbo) are all aplenty. They’re not really down with the crawfish thing but judging from a pagna I saw in the marche today, shrimp are a hot ticket repa. So sorry for brining up a really old, antiquated chapter of American history, but I’m really enjoying the similarities and can’t wait to get to my site where I can host my own bastardized version of Fat Tuesday where instead of Hurricanes……there’ll be the Monsoon (2010 goat/donkey parade pending neighbor Nikki’s approval).






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10 11 2008

“Rhinokey” is a good name. He was the half-rhino, half-monkey Wuzzle on the Disney Channel show “The Wuzzles.” He was always joking and full of mischief. He lived in a treehouse that was shaped like a banana. Burkina used to have rhinos but probably lost them due to the whole human poaching and encroaching on their environment thing. It would be a fitting tribute.

As for the potassium thing via WebMD: “Potassium levels often change with sodium levels. When sodium levels go up, potassium levels go down, and when sodium levels go down, potassium levels go up. Potassium levels are also affected by a hormone called aldosterone, which is made by the adrenal glands.

Potassium levels can be affected by how the kidneys are working, the blood pH, the amount of potassium you eat, the hormone levels in your body, severe vomiting, and taking certain medicines, including potassium supplements. Certain cancer treatments that destroy cancer cells can also make potassium levels high.

Many foods are rich in potassium, including scallops, potatoes, figs, bananas, prune juice, orange juice, and squash. A balanced diet has enough potassium for the body’s needs. However, potassium is passed in the urine even if the level in the blood is low so the level of potassium in the body can get lower.”

I read on another site that it is near impossible for banana consumption alone to contribute to unusually high levels of potassium as excess potassium is passed through urine. Only when used in combination with blood pressure related medicine can banana eating be a danger, as the blood pressure meds can screw with how your body absorbs certain things. Plus, as evidenced above, your banana eating probably helps with your higher than normal MSG diet.

12 11 2008

Nice work Marcus! Good to know that Adelaide can keep eatin’ those bananas. I highly encourage you to befriend a monkey and I’m diggin the Nawlins food homeslice! Sounds like i def have to visit. Good to hear your adventures!

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