World Map Project at the Library

1 08 2010


Bobo Girls Conference

30 05 2010

Participants at the 2010 Bobo- Dioulasso Girls Camp

MAY at a glance…

30 05 2010

Banfora Child and Materinal Health Workshop

International Women’s Day

18 03 2010

Here’s how we got down in my hood….

Starting off the day with the women's march

I even joined in!

marching to the ceremony.....

dont worry, the crowd eventually came

Madame of the ceremonies Miriam Traore

coolest woman in all BF

Peer pressure at its worst

dance off

Sabarakan (People of Sabara)

women's organization from katoulo (who helped with my moringa presentation)

Spreading the Moringa Gospel!

23 02 2010

Alex, Sarah, and me pose with the community of Koutoulou

Alex asserting his computer savy to help save our power point presentation

Sarah and me getting down to the smooth, smooth balaphone


18 01 2010

le centre pour promotion de sante et promoivoir social

I captured the following pics while at the csps for weakly maternal health counseling/baby weighing. Gives you an idea of the local resources in Nianko…. Enjoy!

baby weighting scale and diaper holsters

Soap Success!

30 11 2009

This past weekend, I made soap with the women of my neighboring compounds as an income generating activity.  Three CEG aged girls will sell the soap for 200cfa and slightly larger pieces for 250cfa and use the profits to re-invest in materials to make another batch. This initial batch was started with a micro loan from me that will be paid back over the next 5 batches of soap. . Here are a few of the pics of the process. Real article to come soon!

The crowd gathers on my terrace for the soap demo

stirring the melange, prepping our mold

adding in all the different types of oil


review and question session while the soap hardens

Taaaaa-daaaa soap in our make-shift mold